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About Furnishing

Furnishing is a total fashion label created by designer Yuki Arita. Building on and developing the Plume Arita line first announced in autumn/winter 2001, the Furnishing apparel line commenced from spring/summer 2007. Furnishing was launched simultaneously with the accessory line Furnishing yüki, which comprises jewelry, hair accessories, bags, stoles, and more.

Furnishing means appointing a room with the necessary items. The relationships between room/furniture and person/clothing are similar. They are essential and indispensable for living. They each represent a way for people to express their own styles. Furnishing is not only clothing, but also a way of living and a way of thinking; in other words, a label that by its very title expresses a philosophy.

Furnishing yüki

Furnishing yüki is a POP & CHIC jewelry and accessory label created for women to give them a dramatic and feminine look.



Furnishing is a clothing label with the concept of providing ―clothes that set off accessories―. Using graphically designed patterns and fabrics with bright colors, our clothing provides women with a casual yet feminine look, making it possible to combine POP & CHIC styling.

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